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Our Core Services

Foreign Talent, Search & Placement

To meet your recruitment requirements - be it for skilled, unskilled, general or professional positions - we help you source for the right foreign talents. We will also arrange for their work and travel documentation, then facilitate their arrival to the country and ensure your foreign talent can quickly adapt to their new position.

Executive Search & Permanent Placement

Recruitment can be a costly and time-consuming process, especially when involving top level positions. Because of this, you need a recruitment partner that can understand your company’s operations, culture, and business objectives. This is what we aim to be. We will work closely together with you to find talents who are not only skilled, but is the most suited for the position and your organisation.

Contract & Outsource Services

Certain situations such as special projects, periods of increased workload or an employee going on a long leave would require short-term placements. Contract or outsource services might be the most cost effective, flexible solution, and we can supply the staff you need for these situations. As an added value service, we also can manage payroll and work-scheduling of these staff.

Customised Learning & Development

Of course, we do not just provide recruitment services. We believe in growing and enriching the talent that you already have or the ones you plan to hire. We look into the needs of your organisation and your staff, and we develop or facilitate customised training programmes based on your requirements. These learning and development courses are specially designed to make a positive impact on your organisation.